Power Flushing

Noisy boilers, radiators that are slow to warm up and with patchy heat at full blast are just three detectable symptoms of a central heating system that’s crying out for a power flush. Meanwhile the not so detectable symptoms could be doing untold damage to your boiler, radiators, cylinder, pumps and valves. Here at HPSS Ltd we are able to help diagnose the state of your system and provide the solution to get it up and pumping and running at optimum speed! Whether a pre-emptive task or prior to a new boiler installation a Power flush can save you thousands of pounds in damage to the components of your heating circuit, not to mention reviving efficiency and the advantages this brings, not only to your carbon emissions but also the unwanted gas bill!

What causes the Problems? Quite simply – Sludge. Sludge can build up throughout your heating system and radiators. If left untreated it can corrode, cause blockages and in some places harden into rock. The sludge is known as Magnetite, which is Iron Oxide (rust particles) that slowly breakaway from metallic surfaces over time and gather to form restrictions throughout your central heating circuit. It appears like a dark black ink and is a most unpleasant substance.

We have the Solution: we can forcibly cleanse your central heating circuit using treated water at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the heating system. The process is made even more effective with the addition of powerful cleansing and mobilising agents.

The objective is to restore the heating system with circulation and efficiency while reducing boiler noise and preventing further corrosion. Boiler manufacturers nowadays insist on a Power flush before they will guarantee their product. Existing debris is often mobilised by alterations to the system / piping and the increased efficiency of the new boiler and may then accumulate in the boiler heat exchanger, causing noisy operation, reduced efficiency and in extreme circumstances, failure of the boiler. The high efficiency and compactness of modern boilers, developed to minimise fuel costs and pollution, means that they are more susceptible to problems caused by debris in the system water.

A simple test can be done to see what state your system is in:

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